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                   "HVAC DONE RIGHT"

                     Locally Owned And Operated

                                                  RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL


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Rebates and other programs

NB Power Total Home Energy Savings Program
NB Power New Home Energy Savings Program

Oil to Heat Pump Affordability Program
NB Power Enhanced Energy Savings Program


"Brewer's HVAC Solutions Inc is very pleased to be an approved contractor for NB Power's Enhanced Energy Savings Program.  If you have applied to the Enhanced Energy Savings Program, NB Power will reach out by email to confirm you are eligible for the program and provide a list of contractors to choose from to conduct your energy efficiency upgrades.  If you live in our serving area, Brewer's HVAC Solutions Inc would be pleased to be your Enhanced Energy Savings Program Upgrade Contractor". For more information on the Enhanced Energy Savings Program, please visit

Our Service Areas are, York County, Sunbury County, Queens County, and Carleton County.

Financing Available
Brewer's HVAC Solutions Inc has partnered with Financeit to offer fast, easy financing for your purchase.


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